Board Agendas & Minutes

Crook County School District

The Crook County School Board meets on the second Monday of every month starting at 6:30pm. Meeting locations rotate and are held at a different school within the district or the district office. This provides the school board with the chance to meet directly with students, parents, and staff to learn more about what’s occuring in each school. You can find the schedule here. Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings in-person, and there is a designated a public comment time during every meeting for citizens to ask questions and address the board about various concerns. Members of the public may also submit written testimony before a board meeting to be entered into the record. Please email Heather Hixson, the Executive Assistant to the Superintendnent and School Board, with your comments at

Anyone wishing to address the school board virtually must sign up the day of the board meeting. This will ensure citizens have video and audio access and are added to the public comment list. Please email Heather Hixson if you wish to testify remotely. All board meetings will be streamed live on the school district’s YouTube page and can always be viewed by members of the public at a later time.

If you have any additional questions about future or past board meetings, please contact Heather Hixson.

Heather Hixson
(541) 447-5664

Digital Recording of the Most Recent Board Meeting




School Board Meetings will be available on YouTube for families, staff, and the general public to review for one month at a time. Previous meetings are archived for one year, according to state law. Citizens wishing to access previous meetings can contact the district office by phone or email to submit a request.

Phone: (541) 447-6554 | Email: